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Erin M.
This is the comic/sketch blog of a slackerly college student from the Bay Area of California.

I draw comics, and I work part-time as a theatre technician. I aspire to publish something, be it a self-published mini comic, or a big time graphic novel. I wouldn't mind publishing a children's book one of these days, either. My more immediate goal is successfully run my first webcomic until it is finished so that I may start my next major project. (I've already got plans for my next two.)
Other aliases online include: Speck, Speckley, Speckles, Speckledbat, Maculata, Speckley_Bat...

Timothy Green is my current webcomic project. It features the exploits of a sea turtle and his adventure through life. Many obstacles stand in his way, including hungry seagulls, curious children, a horde of tiny crabs, and others to come. It is currently on a brief hiatus, but will update on Fridays again soon!

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